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Favorite Character Set Ups?

Discussion in 'Shadows of Adam Discussion' started by TylerMire, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. TylerMire

    TylerMire Composer for Shadows of Adam Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 21, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Been doing lots of playing and wondering what your favorite character set ups are in the end game?

    Here's some of mine.

    Weapon: Legend Sword
    Armor: Steel Curtain
    Artifact: Duplicator

    The Legend Sword has the highest ATK stat in the game and combined with the duplicator, Kellan can easily deal around 800-1000 damage with spending any AP. The Steel Curtain has lower MDef than Hero armor but with 50% resistance to Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Earth it easily makes up for it.

    Weapon: Candy Staff
    Armor: Candy Dress
    Aritfact: Wraith Bracelet

    This set up gives Asrael her the highest MAG stat in the game at the expense of low ATK power. With the Wraith Bracelet giving her 200 AP she can do two rounds of Double Up/Wraithstorm. Throw a few Apples or Rallys on her and she can be looking at some serious damage!

    Weapon: Forbidden Claw
    Armor: Strong Cover
    Aritfact: Magic Shield/Bruiser

    The Forbidden Claw and Strong Cover combo give Curtis his highest possible ATK stat. The Strong Cover has poor MDEF so I like to supplement it with the Magic Shield to get the extra 60 MDEF. If I want to take a risk I'll equip him with the Bruiser to deal more damage with each attack and Rally/Berserk him for some serious pain.

    Weapon: Lucky Darts
    Armor: Gambler Coat
    Artifact: Fae's Lament

    This combination gives Talon the highest LUK stat possible which gives him over 70% crit rate! You could choose to sub out the Fae's Lament with the Warfist if you wanted to trade the +20 SPD for the +20 accuracy.

    Of course I'm a stat whore so I like to see the biggest numbers, they are more creative and possible even more effective combos than these. What do you all think?

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